Ziggys 2017


The Ziggys RSVP form can be found HERE

Ziggy’s is an end of the year award show put on by the CTAA seniors for all cast and crew in both the Fall and Spring productions.

Mililani High School Cafeteria
Friday, April 28 2017
5:30 PM to 10 PM

The theme for this years Ziggy’s is Greek Mythology. We would like everyone to participate in dressing up like a Greek God/Goddess/Creature. For your convenience, we created a chart to help you determine your costume (and if there is a character not listed who you would like to dress up as, please feel free to write whomever you want!) Keep in mind that we are NOT assigning costumes, but we do believe it would be more fun to have everyone as a different character. On the chart there is a number next to each God/Goddess/Creature that shows how many people have already signed up with that costume. Again, we will not discourage you from dressing up as whoever you want to be, but it’s recommended that no more than two people be the same Greek Mythology persona.
Greek Gods/Goddesses/Creatures chart can be found here:

Ziggy’s is also a potluck. Please refer to the potluck chart to determine what you would like to bring. You do not need to access the potluck chart, please fill out the Ziggy’s RSVP and we will add it for you. There are a few suggested dishes we would like to have already listed. Feel free to partner with someone else if you are bringing a larger main or side dish.
Potluck Chart:

The final part of the RSVP is nominations for Ziggy’s. Nominations are 100% optional and are not required for you to submit this form. Please only nominate one person for each category (except for Dynamic Duo). The ballots will be finalized before Ziggy’s, and voting will happen during the dinner portion of the night.